How to Make a PDF in easy Steps

If you are looking at sending a document to someone over the Internet, you want to generally look towards creating a PDF file. PDF, short for portable document format, is a file format that essentially locks itself into place.

If you’re not familiar with PDF files, check out this sample PDF. This prevents the formatting from shifting when another individual opens the file on a different operating system or program. After all, there are going to be times where you specifically want a file to look exactly as you create it, and you don’t want the file to shift or lose important formatting. However, this can often happen when you send a traditional file, such as a .doc. With a .doc file (or any other file really) that has different formatting, including bullet points, justification marks and other alterations, the other computer might not understand it and try to make up something to compensate. [Read more...]

Sample PDF ready to download

The example on the page is what is known as a PDF file format, stored on your computer with a .pdf file extension. PDF means Portable Document Format, and was created to make saving, editing, and creating documents portable across a number of computing environments, whether you are using an Apple computer with its OSX operating system or the more familiar Windows operating system.

>>> Download the Sample PDF here. <<<

You can store the sample PDF in a thumbdrive or attach it to an e-mail and either file can be downloaded to your computer to be read, printed, or edited. The sample PDF shows the basic features of the PDF format. If it looks simple, it is because it is! But do not let the simplicity of the PDF sample lead you into thinking that there are only a small number of features to the PDF format. It is not only for reading and printing but a document that is interactive and can be edited and even has a set of security features to protect its content. [Read more...]

PDf to Word – here’s how you do it!

When it comes to word based documents, two of the most popular formats are both PDF (PDF sample) and Word. Each file serves a specific purpose, so having the ability to create both files is very important. A PDF, short for portable document format, is a specially designed file that is locked into its design and formatting.

This way, should you email the file or send it to someone using a different computer and operating system, the file is going to remain in its protected format. This is especially helpful when the formatting is important and the document contains an assortment of text, images, graphs and other content that could become discombobulated due to an error in formatting (this is true with a word processor document that has specific indentations, bullet points and other fixtures). [Read more...]

The Basic Structure of a PDF File Format:

The number of vulnerabilities that has been discovered in Adobe Acrobat Reader, a popular PDF reader, has significantly increased over the years; The number of ones that have been found recently are quite daunting.

These vulnerabilities allow an attacker to incorporate a shellcode directly into a PDF file format (download sample PDF here) which then results in the reader executing a malicious code on a targeted system that was chosen by the attacker. Research has shown that the most crucial vulnerability that has been found to date are the ones that include code execution; Attackers use code execution as a way to execute arbitrary codes on a user’s targeted system so long that the user hasn’t patched Acrobat Reader. There are approximately 196 code execution vulnerabilities, which is all the reason that Acrobat PDF reader readers should keep their Acrobat Reader up to date. [Read more...]